Scaffold Safety Inspection Awareness

This course is intended for workers that may need to use a scaffold erected by others, or have a safety responsibility for the scaffold on the jobsite. 
This course with appeal to safety officers, superintendents, project managers, project coordinators and any worker that needs to use a scaffold erected by someone else. 
This online course can also be used to re-certify your training is you are a worker that has completed a scaffold course that did include hands-on training (proof will need to be provided)
This course does not include any hands-on training.
This online course covers:

  • Frame and System scaffold materials and platform materials
  • Guardrails systems and falling object protection
  • Foundation requirements and scaffold stability
  • The Alberta OHS code (other provincial codes are in the reference section)
  • Scaffold assembly and safe access
  • Scaffold material inspection and scaffold inspection

This course takes and average of 4 hours to complete, but does not have to done in one sitting. 

Basic Scaffold Competency, Inspection and Safety: Frame Scaffold and System Scaffold

This course requires the students to complete the Scaffold Safety Inspection Awareness course online but also complete a 4 hour hands-on training session during which several scaffolds are erected and dismantled.
This course is for workers that do need to erect and dismantle or modify scaffold and is appropriate for masonry workers, stucco workers, elevator installers, maintenance workers, insulators, cladders, roofers and other trades that need to erect scaffold to do their jobs.
During the Hands-on training session 6 to 8 different scaffolds are erected to demonstrate correct scaffold assembly, access, platforms, guardrails, and falling object protection.  Including:

  • Instant up-right scaffold
  • System scaffold tower
  • Frame scaffold run c/w (complete with) an advanced guardrail system
  • Frame Scaffold Stair tower
  • Rolling Frame scaffold (2 showing different access options)
  • Rolling Utility Scaffold (commonly called Baker scaffold) c/w outriggers and guardrails

Basic Scaffold Competency, Inspection and Safety: Frame Scaffold, System Scaffold and Tube & Clamp Scaffold.

This course requires the completion of the Scaffold Safety Inspection Awareness course including the Tube & Clamp modules and completion of a hands-on training session. 

Hands-on training for Tube & Clamp scaffold is variable depending on the intended uses of the scaffold and the prior qualifications and experience of the workers attending the training.  The hands-on training is usually three days and can be done on-site or in our training shop.  Contact us for pricing and scheduling.