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Frequently Asked Questions

Will this course allow me to tag scaffold?
The short answer is yes.

The question though has to do with competency and the requirement in many jurisdictions for a “competent person”.
In Alberta where we do most of our training, competency has three requirements

  • Adequately qualified
  • Sufficient experience
  • Adequately trained

The employer must decide whom the competent person is based on the workers qualifications, experience and training.

The eight hour Basic Scaffold Competency, Inspection and Safety course has been designed to meet the training requirement and has been offered in Alberta by Critical Safety Ltd. since 2002.

How long is my certification good for?
The short answer is Three Years

In 2004 a group of business and industry companies representing safety training, scaffold rentals and scaffold erection and dismantling services looked at changes in the industry in codes, standards and new products and decided three years was an appropriate duration for re-certification.

How high can I build a scaffold?
From a purely regulatory point of view this depends on the jurisdiction you are working in.  I tend to favour the height the CSA Z-797 code of practice for access scaffold, which is 49 feet.  From a more practical perspective, scaffold stability is going to be the most important consideration.  When thinking about stability many factors influence stability.

  • Foundation of the scaffold
  • Type of scaffold
  • What the scaffold is used for
  • Loads on the scaffold
  • Location of the scaffold
  • Height to base ratio
  • Type of scaffold ties used
  • Suitable location for tie anchors
  • Is the scaffold enclosed
  • Etc.

Where do I find load information for my scaffold equipment?
This is a good question as it is very important you know load information for the scaffold in use as well as weight of equipment for transport.  You find this in the manufacturer’s information and may need to ask for it when renting or purchasing equipment.

How often must I inspect the scaffold?
Code requirements vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction but from a practical point of view users of the scaffold should look at the scaffold for any obvious safety issues like missing guard rails, adequate decking, safe and compliant access, firm foundation, plumb, level, square etc. before each time they access the scaffold for their work.
Tagging requirements vary but a best practice would be every shift for a scaffold that is in constant use.

Is the course offered during the day?
The Hands-on part of the course can be arranged during the day on weekdays or on the weekend if required. The students do still need to complete the online portion of the training ahead of the hands-on session and a minimum of 12 students are required. These courses can usually be scheduled with 2 - 3 weeks notice.

How do I register?
Registration is on the courses page for individual enrollments, use the PayPal add to cart buttons and for multiple enrollments contact us at Link to the course page Click Here

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